Ecoboost Forums was created as a spin off from Mazdaspeed Forums, the number one Mazdaspeed Tech Site which pioneered the Mazda MZR DSI platform. Since the MZR technology was a silent pilot program for the Ford Ecoboost technology using direct injection, they’re MANY similarities between the two. Keeping that in mind, MSF has spent the better part of 5 yrs pushing the knowledge of direct injection and building cars that are at 700hp today. We take great pride in our accomplishments with the Mazdaspeed Platform.We feel its important to properly educate the new Focus ST platform owners on what we have learned and help their platform succeed.

Since we have learned from our mistakes with being the first to play with direct injection, we want to build one hell of a resource for the entire Ecoboost engine family under one roof with everything we have learned. As it stands, the Ecoboost communities are severely fragmented and spread over a wide variety of forums as the bastard child. It’s getting no attention and its adopted development has been slow. Therefore, we want to change that here at EBF! We have been quite successful maintaining an educational forum with the MZR technology and making it a one stop resource that’s visited daily from all over the world. We plan to continue this with the Ecoboost family and push this platform by pioneering it to the outer limits with our knowledge, while introducing new knowledge by embracing new partners and owners.