alk about seeing new technology coming full circle in such a large world. 6 Years ago, Mazda introduced the MZR DISI engine, which was the first Japanese/American joint venture for bringing powerful, yet fuel efficient direct injection technology to the masses.. hinojo propiedades senos It’s started with the MazdaSpeed 6 and a year later, the MazdaSpeed 3 arrived, [...]


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Ecoboost Forums Is Now Open – Spread The Word

by Haltech on October 9, 2012

98% of the forum is complete, ill finish the rest during the week. Please spread the word that we are open so we can get this cars resources started


This is very exciting new for the owners of the Ford Focus ST platform. Looks like Buschur Racing has picked up a 2013 Ford Focus ST to begin development with. For those of you who don’t know who Buschur Racing is, they are an outfit who has been specializing in DSM/EVOs for many years. Keep [...]


Welcome to Ecoboost Forums

September 30, 2012
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Hello and welcome! We will be opening our forum early next week and begin pioneering the Focus ST platform! This is very exciting to start from ground zero with everything we had learned from the Mazda MZR and push the Ecoboost platform to its limits. Our forums operate a bit differently than what most are [...]

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